About Us


Dia­gram­maS­tu­dio is a CGI 3D, Graphic and Motion Design and Dig­i­tal Media studio.

Our office is located in Lucca, Tus­cany, but we also work from Milan and Copen­hagen.

We are a multi-disciplinary group of young and skilled people.

We offer cre­ative sup­port and con­tent devel­op­ment for ideas, projects and products.

Our expe­ri­ence in the field of dig­i­tal design started a long time ago, from the curios­ity of dis­cov­er­ing the poten­tial of such an expres­sive medium, stem­ming from the pas­sion for tra­di­tional draw­ing and its tech­niques. In the years we have faced and shared the chal­lenges posed by the mar­ket, keep­ing pace with tech­nol­ogy and care­fully fol­low­ing the evo­lu­tion of the mat­ter. This makes us con­fi­dent in under­stand­ing our customer’s needs and in propos­ing, every time, the most ade­quate solution.

Dariodario 2


Engaged in my job for the last 20 years, I started draw­ing before learn­ing to walk. After a debut with pen­cil and brushes as a jew­elry designer, I started to exper­i­ment with dig­i­tal graphic, first in the same indus­try, fac­ing com­plex mod­el­ing and, later, as an archi­tec­ture illus­tra­tor. I have always had a flair for IT appli­ca­tion to the art and cre­ative field: from 3D to the con­struc­tion of inter­ac­tive inter­faces, from sound design to audio-visual dis­plays. I put in my work my pas­sion for art and for good taste, curat­ing the com­po­si­tion of every image in all of its details.


Cre­at­ing things out of thin air and mould­ing the mat­ter is mi pas­sion and I am proud it became my work. A perfection-maniac, as every born in Sep­tem­ber, I am able to tire out my col­lab­o­ra­tors by involv­ing them in end­less ses­sions of refine­ment. What I enjoy the most in an archi­tec­ture project is the cre­ative phase in its entirety, but I hate tech­ni­cal­i­ties and use­less bureau­cracy. I like instead tech­nol­ogy and I believe that math­e­mat­ics rule the uni­verse, so much than I would have liked to be born in the age of Enlight­en­ment (and I needed a PhD to real­ize it). I love the idea that strings of num­bers can be con­verted by my work in images of fan­tas­tic worlds.